About us

The Mediawall team has been an innovator in LED video display technology since the early days of the profession.

A wide range of applications

There is “almost” no LED display application that we have not yet realized. From simple scoreboards to stadium boards and LED video walls, from small shop window displays to roll-outs for large retailers, there is no project that we do not realise for you with full commitment. We always look at a project as a whole and generate a perfect digital communication experience for the customer through the interaction of technologies.

The perfect digital communication experience for your customers

Our outstanding image quality is the basis for networked display solutions at the Point of Information (POI) and at the Point of Sale (POS).

Digital signage software for centralised and networked display management

We use our digital signage software to control central and networked LED displays, TVs and ambient lighting in your locations. Our software is compatible with other solutions such as in-store visitor flow measurement, facial and motion recognition at the POS, identification of regular customers via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Real-time motion and purchase behaviour analysis for optimised video content

You can measure in real time the movement and buying behaviour of your customers and optimise your shop design as well as video content to improve customer experience and sales.

Customer service and guarantee

Even for small projects, we provide our customers with 100% support. From the idea to the finished video display, we take care of everything. Our fast and uncomplicated hardware and software service, saves you time and money. Since our LED displays are 100% modular, we can replace a defective component at any time without interrupting the operation of the system. This customer service as well as our 10-year spare parts guarantee and the upgrade option are the three decisive advantages for many of our customers.

The advantages of our Mediawall complete solutions at a glance

High-brilliance LED display technology for indoors and outdoors

Real-time communication & emotional information at the point of sale (POS)

Display of all digital content: Image, text, video, animation

Networked overall solutions, scalable as required

Easy-to-use digital signage system Control and configuration are child’s play

Central campaigns or individual content

Fast and uncomplicated maintenance due to modular design

24/7 service and support during the entire operating period

mediawall outdoorscreen wartung

Spare parts guarantee and upgrade option

When you sign a maintenance contract for your video wall solution, you enjoy a long-life design with a 5-year warranty. But even otherwise, you can be sure that spare parts will always be available. Within the scope of our replacement and after-sales guarantee, we assure you that you can always extend and repair your LED displays from our company. In addition, we ensure that our LED modules are compatible with each other for years to come. A later upgrade of the video walls – for example, if you decide on new elements with a lower pitch for a more detailed presentation of your content – is therefore possible at any time without any problems.

Don't waste any more time looking for the perfect video wall! You're just a phone call away from it.

Alternatively, you can also send an e-mail to hello@mediawall.de. We usually reply within 24 hours or less.